A DIVINE TOUCH OF  AFRIKA is not merely a designer of exquisite  Ancestral handmade jewelry  but providers of divine pieces, infused with the blessings of the Ancestors - Serving as a Channel of transference of  healing energy.  
At a time when it seems humanity is on the verge of destruction, it may seem as if the entire World is going through a time of chaos.  Many do  not know which way to turn.  the answer to us here at A DIVINE TOUCH OF AFRIKA seems simple; turn to your own magnificence; RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONAL ENERGY LEVEL!
A  DIVINE TOUCH OF AFRIKA was commissioned as a channel of healing; to provide humanity with hope. We offer  divine   healing aids of natural and precious stones, metals, clothing and accessories that servers as a catalyst  to healing.
When many  are feeling the restrictions of staying at home, the disparities of losing a loved one or perhaps  livelihood, we here at A  DIVINE TOUCH OF AFRIKA have tapped into that  "Cloud of Witnesses"   to aid And serve humanity in manifesting our  greatest potential.  
Our  message  has  always   been  that   Divine   Universal  Message   of  Restoration.  Restoration includes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial revival. This is how we are blessed and highly favored as we walk the righteous paths of the
Way of  the  Ancestors,  honoring  Gaia and  humanity under the  auspices of Prime Creator of  whom  many  call  GOD,  who  has already provided vehicles of escape.
A  DIVINE TOUCH OF AFRIKA’s hand-made  products  are not only lovely but endowed with the healing powers of the Ancestors, to those who believe and desire    to be an overcomer during this  Shift and times of Tribulation.
A  DIVINE TOUCH OF AFRIKA is here to serve with compassion in love for all of humanity;  to guide you towards your  higher purpose  and how to  tap into your  unique self to manifest your reality and heart’s desires.
Let us help you to look inside yourself, you will find that you have had the answers all along.
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Healing, Love & Light Be Yours - NAMASTE
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